Profile photoTo tell the story of Drifting Epicure I must begin with Sweden, the country I lived in for a good amount of years before coming to London. Known for (in terms of food) its meatballs and Absolut Vodka it might not be the first place where appreciation for food is born. For me it started instead in Singapore where I lived for one year, long enough to have my favourite spots for Chicken rice, Chili Crab, Char Kway Teow and other local dishes. During that year I was also fortunate enough to visit many countries in East/Southeast Asia and discover food I’d never seen or could have imagined. Those memories however are starting to fade with time and that’s how the idea of a website documenting my food experiences started to take shape.

When I first came to London I did a brief stint in the hospitality industry. This eventually lead lead to a WSET certificate and working as a sommelier in two restaurants with Michelin stars. From that I learnt a lot about service, food, wine and not least the amount of hard work behind a plate of food. Although I only scratched the surface of what there is to learn it has provided me a solid base from which to expand my knowledge of food. Now I enjoy food and wine from the other side of the table and I hope that through this blog I can share my experiences with like minded readers and curious diners.

Drifting Epicure is also a space where I combine two other interests that are close to my heart: photography and travelling. Whenever I get the opportunity I’ll write about discoveries abroad. This is a project that I do on the side for fun without any commercial interests and everything I post reflect my personal experiences.

If you have any suggestions of a good tea shop, restaurant or simply want to complain I can be reached at contact@driftingepicure.com.



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  1. Thanks for the follow on my blog. It’s lovely that you’re chronicling your food adventures. The pictures are beautiful and enticing too 🙂 Looking forward to more great stuff 🙂

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