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06 St Chad’s Place

06 St Chad's Place

King’s Cross might be home to the best train station in London but definitely not the best food scene. If I think hard I might come up with a few places that I would go to for a meal. The fact that the area is a hub for foreigners arriving by train from the continent makes it ideal for volume eateries. I was proved wrong this afternoon when two friends took me to a place just behind their flat, 06 St Chad’s Place. Hidden in a quiet back alley it feels like a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of King’s Cross. Before going into the food I would say that this is the kind of place that this area need more of, spacious and comfortable.

06 St Chad's Place

06 St Chad's Place    06 St Chad's Place

06 St Chad's Place
Smoked Haddock and Leek Risotto

The risotto was well cooked, though a bit too salty. It wasn’t too bad in general. The smoked haddock flavour was there. Though there were a few too-big-to-be-melted chunks of parmesan.

06 St Chad's Place
Sweet and Savoury Pork Burger with Apple, Pineapple and Cheddar served with Sweet Potato Fries

V had a burger which was quite nice. The sweetness in the ingredients were a bit too dominant for me personally. Sweet Potato Fries were a nice touch.

06 St Chad's Place
Grilled Hanger Steak with Port Reduction with Sweet Potato Fries

The Hanger Steak was well flavoured. The dish originally comes with normal fries but A ordered it with sweet potato instead.

●  ●  ●

The food at 06 St Chad’s Place was ok, nothing exciting but well cooked comfort food. What I would come for is the environment. The abundance of natural light through the big windows and the glass in the ceiling combined with the calm atmosphere makes time fly away. This will be the place I will bring visitors who just got off at King’s Cross. Thanks V and A for sharing the secret!

For more photos from 06 St Chad’s Place, please visit my Flickr set.

06 St Chad’s Place
06 St Chad’s Place
London, WC1X 9HH

Tel. +44 (20) 7278 3355

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2 thoughts on “06 St Chad’s Place

  1. this place looks gorgeous! I used to just go to carluccio’s or le pain when in king’s cross. the area outside king’s cross is also more dodgy than foodie, I’ve always thought.

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