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Patty & Bun (Liverpool Street)

Patty & Bun (Liverpool Street)

Patty & Bun at Liverpool Street is the second branch of the successful burger venture located close to Selfridges. It opened up earlier this year offering free burgers which caught a lot of attention and put it on the map around Liverpool Street. Recently they started to serve breakfast as well and my friend snapped up the news that the breakfast menu was half price for the first week so off we went, 7 am before going to work. Having burger for breakfast is not the lightest start of the day but how could one resist. The “real” burgers at Patty & Bun are real good so I was curious how the lighter breakfast version would be.

The venue is set up more as a takeaway joint than a sit down restaurant, clearly aiming on busy city workers eating in front of their desks. There are a few high tables in the room, that’s all.

Patty & Bun (Liverpool Street)

Patty & Bun (Liverpool Street)
Brioche buns

Morning delivery of golden glazed brioche buns. These makes the difference in this highly competitive field of London burgers.

Patty & Bun (Liverpool Street)

Patty & Bun (Liverpool Street)
P&B Bacon – Bacon, egg, cheese, green tomato salsa, ketchup, brioche

This piece of guiltiness is good, flavourful and greasy, like how a burger should be. The brioche bun is soft but holds its shape. The breakfast bun comes with bacon and egg instead of a beef patty so although not the same as the full-fledged burger it is much better than the McMuffin you can get just across the street, the only other breakfast “burger” I’ve tried in my life.

For more photos from Patty & Bun (Liverpool Street), please visit my Flickr set.

Patty & Bun (Liverpool Street)
22/23 Liverpool Street
London, EC2M 7PD

Tel. +44 (20) 7621 1331

Patty & Bun Liverpool Str. on Urbanspoon    Square Meal

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