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Ravintola Bellevue

Ravintola Bellevue

Who would have thought that we would spend one evening indulging in Russian fare in Helsinki? To be fair, Russia is not far away with St. Petersburg only about 3 hours away by car.

The interior of the restaurant reminded me of some restaurants I went to in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Very classic and extravagant atmosphere hits you when you step in. Even the staff are dressed in what feels like a more Eastern outfit.

Ravintola Bellevue      Ravintola Bellevue

Ravintola Bellevue
Asparagus, Scallop and Mussels

The meal started with white asparagus with scallop and mussels. Light flavours combined in a not too complicated dish. Pleasant.

Ravintola Bellevue
Bear Sausage with Pickled Vegetables and Lingonberry Sauce

“Now I can claim that I’ve tried bear meat” was my thought when I saw bear sausage on the menu. The excitement of trying exotic meat I thought I long lost somewhere when living in Southeast Asia was revived in an instant.

The dish was probably the most simple dish on the menu in terms of technicality. Sausage laid on top of pickled vegetables and lingonberry sauce would be enough to describe it. Despite the plain nature of the actual dish the rarity of the meat more than made up for it.

How does it taste like? The wild flavours I expected from an animal, probably living in the wild forest, were nowhere to be found. The meat was lean and a bit dry. To be honest, expectations ran wild and although not being the best meat I’ve tried it’s definitely not the worst…

Ravintola Bellevue
Roasted Wood Pigeon and Parsnip Puré

For main I had the roasted wood pigeon and parsnip puré. It was good and was the best dish I had this evening. Presentation though is a bit haphazard.

Ravintola Bellevue
Baked Alaska à la Malakov

Nothing in this Baked Alaska hinted anything Russian. There was however the possibility of finding something else than ice cream beneath the soft Italian meringue, but to my disappointment it was ice cream. So basically a normal Baked Alaska, though not a bad one.

Who Malakov is and how the Baked Alaska here is connected with that person will remain a mystery to me.

We had a good dinner at Ravintola Bellevue. The dishes had a rough edge but were enjoyable. The staff were friendly and approachable. The waitress even shared a story involving her cat and bear meat. Ravintola Bellevue with its interior feels stuck in time but it’s a comfortable place.

For more photos from Ravintola Bellevue, please visit my Flickr set.

Ravintola Bellevue
Rahapajankatu 3
00160 Helsinki

Tel. +358 (0)9 179 560

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