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Lucky Chip

Lucky Chip

Finding the best burger in London has become a never-ending project for me considering the frequency I eat burgers is nowadays close to the frequency of new openings. I woke up from burger hibernation last year by an American wave of two heavy-weights setting up shop in central London: Five Guys and Shake Shack. Since then I’ve tried a few places, Honest Burger being my favourite closely followed by Patty & Bun.

This time I wanted to try something new, as did my friend. Both of us haven’t tried Lucky Chip yet and after being convinced by rave reviews it was decided and off to Bethnal Green we went. Lucky Chip can be found in Netil Market on Saturdays but this weekday evening we went to their permanent residence in Sebright Arms which is hiding on a side street next to Hackney Road.

The random chairs and wall items inside were not a big surprise for a pub around here. It’s more random that the pub houses one of the better burger makers in the East or even London, or at least we were to find out whether that is the case.

Lucky Chip

Lucky Chip

Lucky Chip
Royale Wit Cheese

I ordered the Royale Wit Cheese burger with aged beef, applewood smoked bacon, tomato, onion, salad, mustard and “special sauce”. Honest and modest was the first impression when I saw it served on the table. The melted cheese on the beef patty was the only hint of guilty goodness. The first bite into the soft bun and then the juicy beef patty was enough to like it. The meat was pink rare, cooked to perfection. Smoky bacon added another layer of flavours. The amount of sauce was just enough to give flavour without making a mess.

The style of Lucky Chip’s burgers is fairly straight-forward. Simplicity wins here with great beef patties accompanied with no fuss ingredients. A personal preference though is to have thinner slices of the pickled cucumber so the acidity evens out more instead of a big chunk in the middle of the burger.

Lucky Chip
French Fries with Spicy Mayo

For me a burger meal consist of two things: the burger and the fries (and possibly a dip). While the burger being the most important component of a good meal stand-out fries can add the memorable touch. Honest Burger for example is a place I remember by the rosemary salted fries. Lucky Chip’s fries were good, but didn’t reach the heights of Honest Burger’s. They could be more crispy and a personal preference is chunkier pieces.

Lucky Chip

Lucky Chip

On the whole I can strongly recommend Lucky Chip. The burger meat was the best part and everything else around it just fell into the right place. It’s not worth a detour if you’re in West End since there are good places around Soho/Covent Garden but around East it’s definitely worth a try. And so the search for the best burger in London continues…

For more photos from Lucky Chip, please visit my Flickr set.

Lucky Chip (Sebright Arms)
31-35 Coate Street
London E2 9AG

Tel. +44 0(20) 7729 0937

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