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Bone Daddies

Bone Daddies

When I first came to London less than three years ago I was wondering about the absence of pure ramen joints in the city. Having already taken Asia by storm it is still in its infancy in Europe compared to sushi. It was about time that London got its own ramen eateries and it happened 2012, not one but three: Shoryu, Tonkotsu and Bone Daddies. Yesterday I finally made it to the last one I haven’t tried yet: Bone Daddies. I must say that it has most character of the three ramen places. John Fogerty’s “Bad Moon Rising” was streaming in the room when I entered. On the wall was a collage of B&W photos of Japanese rockabillies, like those I saw in Harajuku when I was in Tokyo a few years ago. I don’t know how busy it usually is since I came late afternoon and didn’t need to wait for a seat. Tables are shared here as opposed to the other two ramen restaurants.

I had a bowl of Tonkotsu ramen. It came with two egg halves (from Clarence Court), spring onion, chashu pork, bamboo, bean sprouts topped with shaved ginger. A range of optional toppings can be found on the menu. The noodles had a good resistance and firmness. The broth was thick and very rich. The pork flavour in the broth doesn’t go unnoticed (boiled for 20 hours). While being a bit on the salty side it was nice. The egg has been marinated in soy sauce, and the flavour was quite pronounced. I think that with a broth this flavourful the egg can be a bit more neutral. They are boiled perfectly though. The shaved (fried?) ginger topping was a pleasant addition of sharpness.

I had many bowls of ramen in Japan a few years ago and noticed that it’s a highly individual thing how people want their ramen. Restaurants often let the customer to customize their ramen like firmness of the noodles and amount of oil in the broth. It would be nice to see this introduced eventually at Bone Daddies. A nice detail is that bibs are offered for messy people. The whole experience was good. This is a in-and-out place offering good food in a casual environment. In less than 30 min I was out on the street again continuing my search for summer sale bargains.

Bone Daddies

Bone Daddies

Bone Daddies - Tonkotsu Ramen
Tonkotsu Ramen

Bone Daddies

For more photos from Bone Daddies, please visit my Flickr set.

Bone Daddies
31 Peter Street
London, W1F 0AR

Tel. +44 (0)20 7287 8581

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